Anyone who has gone-it-alone will fully appreciate the multitude of emotions (and sobbing) involved in setting up your own business and whilst excitement mostly wins, it is an amazingly steep learning curve. I left London to move back to the North East in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. I love the outdoors and dream of building my own house so that one day I can keep bees and goats, if I can fit a printing press into that future then my happiness level will fly of the chart!

I specialise in Printmaking and work with monoprint, linocut, screenprint, fabrics, papers and embossing but I am constantly trying new things and looking for new ways of working. My favourite collaboration is currently with Ashfall Leathers, screenprinting on the beautiful handmade leather products, from owner, Robert Ford.

Currently based in Allendale I am very lucky to have been accepted onto the exclusive scholarship scheme at The Allendale Forge Studios. This allows me to have a creative studio space, business support and mentoring for one year while I get things off the ground.

I am now steaming ahead involving myself in as many projects as possible by printing my little socks off and networking. I am currently taking part in the 2014 Art Tour which runs throughout June, I am also a member at Northern Print in the Ouseburn Valley and volunteer there with the Inky Prints club. I have also taken part in workshops run by Durham Creatives most recently being part of the Craft Tour and also taking part in summer workshops run in conjunction with the Baltic and Sage.

If you would like to follow my slightly haphazard journey towards self-sustaining creative happiness then I can be found on the usual range of social media sites listed below.




anna.casey@gmail.com    07843227514

Young Rural Entrepreneur Scholarship Scheme.
Studio 9   Allendale Forge Studios Art Centre

Market Square Northumberland NE479BD

T: 01434 683975

W: www.allendaleforgestudios.co.uk

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